Distance Learning for Lifelong Learners!!!

Carol Gossett: Instructor

God never asks about our ability or our inability,

just our availability.

-Charles Fletcher-

Professional Experience:

Fresno Pacific University, Faculty Director 2002-present

AIMS Education Foundation, Research Fellow/Author 1993-2001

AIMS National Leadership Network, Trainer/Consultant, 1987-present

Kindergarten teacher, 1972-1993

A Favorite Thought
Welcome to Classroom Connections. I invite you to go to the ‘Beginnings’ page to see the wonderful course options that you have. You can gain graduate level, professional development units in a variety of K-4 subjects.
Click to view my course listingshttp://www.fresno.edu/cpd/carol-gossett/

I use a constructive approach to teach and encourage students to develop their own understanding of concepts presented in my courses. I sincerely strive to adapt to students specific needs in order to insure that their learning experiences directly address their classroom strengths and weaknesses, district, and state standards, their personal growth and professional development. My philosophy of teaching is:

“If the child does  not learn the way you teach,

then teach the way the child learns.”